Addressing your needs

Wikoff Color has a proven history of service to the label industry. Our high-strength ink systems and specialty products have been featured on a variety of applications from prime labels to in-mold to shrink sleeves.


  • Prime Labels
  • In-mold Labels
  • Cut & Stack Labels
  • Pressure Sensitive Labels
  • Shrink Sleeves
  • Lamination Labels
  • Closure
  • Security Labels

Visually Appealing, Functionally Sound

Successfully printing flexible packaging requires performance based inks and coatings formulated to address your specific needs. Wikoff Color takes pride in creating solutions for this growing market.


  • Industry-leading ink systems with high color densities, improved mileage and excellent transfer properties
  • Optimized ink formulations that provide superior reproductions and clean print at high press speeds
  • Multi-purpose ink systems for many applications, including plastics, aluminum foils, metalized paper and more
  • High strength process and line color for improved production yields
  • Extensive branch plant network allows for prompt technical service and support


Quality, Service, and Solutions to Problems

Commercial printing has changed significantly in recent years, including shrinking run lengths and turnaround times. Wikoff Color develops custom inks and coatings for specific customer needs to help maximize pressroom efficiencies and ensure top-notch quality.


Addressing Your Needs

A folding carton must communicate brand identity and provide reliable product protection. Wikoff Color not only offers exceptional products for this market segment, but also superior service to help you get the job done.


  • Proven history serving the folding carton industry
  • Customized ink systems fill special need for rub, coefficient of friction, product resistance and other demanding functional requirements
  • Electron beam inks and coating available with low odor, low volatiles and low extractable for food packaging
  • We manufacture our own aqueous, UV and EB coating to ensure optimal performance
  • Our people are prepared to provide the best service in the industry by being more knowledgeable and better trained than the competition


Your Security is Our Job

As the leading supplier to the scratch-off lottery ticket industry, Wikoff Color has the experience and know-how it takes to manufacture leading edge security inks and coatings.

Wikoff's Goal

As the fastest growing segment of the printing industry, digital technology demands constant innovation. Wikoff Color partners with equipment manufacturers, industrial integrators, printers and consumer brands to develop tailor-made inkjet solutions.